Thinking of Your Etsy Shop as a Brand

it's Monday // October 17th, 2016

Listen. You’ve got an awesome product. You’ve successfully priced your product according to this magic formula. Now you need to share that product with the world AND at the same time stand out from competitors. How do you do this? Think of your Etsy shop as a brand. Because really, that’s what it is.

Etsy shouldn’t just be a place for you to dump all the cool things you make in order to make a buck. If you’re serious about doing this whole Etsy thing, and doing it correctly – you need to think of your Etsy shop as an actual shop! All brick + mortar shops are brands and they create an experience for you as soon as you step in their physical doors. Why shouldn’t folks visiting your Etsy shop feel the same exact way? Just because they aren’t physically entering through a door to get to your shop, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat them as such.

What is a brand?

A brand is what makes you unique, it’s what distinguishes you from other shops or small-businesses. It’s your business. It’s you. It’s the name you’ve given this adventure you’re embarking on! If you haven’t branded your Etsy shop, I highly suggest doing so. Make your shop seem as legitimate as possible.

So, how do you figure out your brand? I suggest making a list of your favorite names and make sure they are meaningful to you and what you are making. Be literal or get symbolic if you need to! My brand is Curio Paper because I am a unique person crafting rare and intriguing paper goods.👌

Do your research to make sure your brand name isn’t taken, and follow the proper steps with your state’s government to be operating as such. My businesses are set up as sole proprietorships, because that’s what works best right now for me. Business legalities is another topic completely.

Your Brand’s Identity + Experience

Now that you have your brand figured out, it needs an identity! The identity and experience is the part people will remember about your brand. It’s your logo, your website, your business cards, etc. They all need to visually feel similar and work hand-in-hand with each other. Either work with a designer to craft your identity, or partake in a little DIY – just be consistent. Consistency is key when it comes to your brand experience.

You should want to create a pleasing, exciting and consistent online experience for your customers.

Check out the DeBrosseNYC shop. Teresa, the maker, has created a gorgeous and straightforward experience as soon as you land on the shop page. (Not only is the shop beautiful, but her shop gives back – watch the video!)

Everything feels cohesive, from the intro image to the product photography and even her Etsy Updates section. Her brand embodies a clean, minimal, whitespace approach which is extremely refreshing, especially when there is so much clutter on Etsy.

Key Pieces in Your Etsy Brand Experience

  1. Logo + brand tone
  2. Your actual product
  3. Imagery
  4. Social media feeds
  5. Packaging
  6. Business cards
  7. Receipts
  8. Coupons
  9. Email newsletter

Be sure these pieces work together, not against each other. Do the boxes you ship your product in reflect your brand? Are you including special little details like a coupon code or thank you note that will make people come back for more? I’ll be talking a little about each of these pieces in-depth during the next My Etsy Business Adventure session, but until then…

Check out the 5 ways you can craft a brand image you love – and answer the questions listed. These totally have relevance to you and your Etsy shop!

Happy Monday! Let’s make this week awesome.

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