Quotes on Minimalism

it's Friday // August 14th, 2015

If you’ve ever read through my about page, you may know the point of this blog is to enjoy the simple things in life and stay inspired by them throughout the week. I love embracing this mantra – albeit it hard sometimes. More often than not, the clutter starts to surround us. Literal clutter. I mean my desk is nothing short of a hot mess right now. I’m sure some of you may know what I mean! With that being said, how do we cut through all of that clutter? How do we find focus and embrace being surrounded by whitespace?

A simple life is a life of both less and more. It’s a life of less distraction, less consumption, and less of the inessential, to make room for more mindfulness, more intention, and more of what matters. – Melissa Camara Wilkins,

I was contacted by No Sidebar, which I have recently became and avid reader of, to create a couple of sharable graphics that anyone can use to stay inspired and reminded by. Very in-line with my own ideals, the blogs mission is to help lay out the foundation for how to design and live a simple life. The articles are inspiring and gave me a sort of “I can do this” attitude. I can go through my house and throw out the things that are irrelevant to where I am in life! No Sidebar features plenty of great tips and tricks to help you strategically figure out a way to clear the clutter and maintain focus on what really matters; living.

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3 comments on “Quotes on Minimalism

  1. Melissa Camara Wilkins

    The graphics are inspiring, Ashley! Thank you for creating them.

    And oh, I am with you about desks. Mine goes from tidy-fabulous-I-can’t-wait-to-sit-down to where-even-is-it-under-all-that-STUFF in about ten seconds flat. Nine, maybe. ;)


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