New Beginnings + Bittersweet Endings

it's Monday // November 14th, 2016

Let’s be real for a minute… life happens. I slacked last week on writing this specific post. I wrote it in my head and then just didn’t want to write it down. Change is tough, especially when you run your own business. Everything seems so inwards.

It’s difficult to make big decisions when you’re a solo-preneur or freelancer because who do you talk them over with? Who is there to rationalize with you and say, “No, that’s a crazy idea” or “Yes, go for it!” And who really knows if that’s the right call anyway. Note: It’s just as difficult when the person you make big business decisions with is the same person you make big life decisions with.

Two weeks ago my husband unexpectedly lost his job. We both had to make a serious decision – what comes next?

The Decision + The Beginning

I started my tiny design studio a year and a half ago as The Curio Co. rather than simply freelancing as “Ash Schweitzer” because a) I still have difficulty saying my last name and b) I knew I wanted to expand my business someday – that expansion goal was my husband joining me.

If you aren’t already aware, my husband Adam, is also an extremely talented graphic designer. Oh, and he’s a kickass illustrator. His recent obsession is hand painting signs and he’s gotten quite good at it. 👌

Love Always Window

So, this business goal / idea of us working together someday has lingered in the back our minds for awhile now – we were just in no way ready to pursue it this quickly. We figured hey! maybe a couple years down the road if finances seem right… we have a decent savings… maybe after we buy a house… but still before we have kids… yada yada yada. BOOM. He looses his job.

Now what.

He had a couple of potential job prospects on the table and I had a couple freelance work quotes out there just waiting approval…. His job prospects fell through and my freelance work got approved.

We both looked at each other, thanked God, and decided that was His way of saying, “Hey! Ya’ll don’t have control over any of this anyway so just trust me and go for it.”

Note: I imagine God with this ridiculously wonderful and encouraging sense of humor.

So, we decided together we are going to build The Curio Co. as a husband and wife team. Is money still tight? Sure is. Are we working harder than ever now? Sure are. Is it totally 100% worth it to build something from the ground up with our bare hands that we can pour our heart and soul into? ABSOLUTELY.

So…I’m pretty passionate about this. Sometimes I still can’t believe myself when I tell family members I run my own business. Most times they look at me like I have five heads and say “Oh, that’s nice.” IT IS NICE, THANK YOU. 💁

On the topic of thank you’s…

I just want to say, our decision totally wouldn’t be feasible and we wouldn’t even consider doing this if we didn’t have the amazing support group that we have. Our friends, family (most of them) and colleagues have been a true blessing throughout all of this.

And the client’s I’m working with currently or have worked with in the past, I can’t thank them enough. Through their amazing testimonies and referrals I have been able to obtain a steady income for myself and see more growth in my business this year than I could have imaged.

Be passionate, be nice to people and believe in yourself and your work. That, right there, is the key to success.

Bittersweet Endings

What does all of this mean and why am I telling this to you? Because with this monumental life change, comes a couple of other smaller business-like changes.

I will no longer be blogging here, as Simple Mondays. Why? Because now more than ever I need to focus on growing The Curio Co., and doing that as strategically and streamlined as possible. With the help and opinions from some marketing friends, they’ve let me know that basically I’m doing this all wrong haha. I also want to thank them for being so honest with me and helping me get my crap together and realizing I need to SIMPLIFY.

It’s quite obvious what I’m doing wrong – trying to build 50 things, when I need to focus on one and then build from there. I simply can’t fund (both monetarily and with time) multiple projects anymore. That’s all the more reason for me to get my design studio in a place where it is well enough established that I can begin to branch out and do other things.

I will still be blogging, just under The Curio Co. blog. I’m shifting my focus to writing about things related to my business and the things I am good at. Things I actually do on a daily basis and the problems I help solve for my clients. I’ll still be providing freebies, I’ll just be shifting to talking solely about things that relate to graphic design, web design, small business ownership, etc.

Simple Mondays will still be here for you to reference. I want to keep all of the content I have written, and it’s linking structure in tact. I just won’t be updating it anymore and I most likely will put up a splash page saying that I’ve moved on to writing for The Curio Co.

Those of you subscribed to my newsletter list – thank you so much and I truly hope you’ll stick with me! I’ll still be emailing blog posts, once I get The Curio Co. blog set up.

I appreciate all of you weekly readers and I hope I can continue to help you grow your businesses and inspire. ✨

Goodbye for now, and I will be sure to let you all know when our new blog is set up.

Happy Monday friends, have a great week!

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