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it's Friday // December 5th, 2014

Do what you love, love what you do. It’s been said everywhere, by everyone. It’s true and those who have or are experiencing it, they know it’s true. I know it’s true! I actually look forward to going to work every single day. And when I get home, I continue working – as a hobby. I’m not saying quit your day job and pursue something that solely makes you happy, but be happy. Even if it’s creating and doing something you completely fall in love with after the 9-5, eventually it will seep into that 9-5 and you will inspire others to do the same! Worst case scenario; if you’re not happy or content with where you are and you want to be doing something else, figure out how that can turn into a sustainable endeavor and do it! But remember; do it well.

Creating something from nothing is hard. Sticking with it until it prospers is even harder (I’ll be talking about this more next week). But doing it well, in times of annoyance and anger, is probably the hardest. If you don’t do it well, are you doing it at all? Everyone makes mistakes, the key is to learn from them and continue on. Keep creating and growing! Don’t take shortcuts and don’t take the easy way out. Because ultimately, people will see right through that. Your passions will dissolve and you will give up.

It’s so easy to get frustrated and rush through things. I’m going to be completely honest and let you in on a little secret; I wrote this last night and there could be a couple of misspellings. Not because I’m angry, but because I’m learning HOW to do it well. I’m learning that ultimate success and progress doesn’t happen in a day or even a year. I’m slowly learning how to time manage, deal with anxiety and juggle the ten other things I should probably be doing. Because let’s be honest, running a business and blogging are not number one on my priorities list; changing peoples lives is. But to get to there, I must build something.

By doing what we love, we are all building towards something. The way to stay passionate and see past the frustrations is to look ALL the way past them, to the very end. I look and I see women and children in Ethiopia free from the chains of prostitution. I look and I see a happy family, unbound and healing. I look and I see hope. And that’s enough motivation to do what I love, and to do it well.

Find your motivation, find what you love and always remember, no matter what stumbles you may have, to do it well.

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