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it's Monday // August 15th, 2016

Hi friends! I’m going through a super busy season right now but I still want to bring you quality content that inspires and equips you to embark on your own creative journeys. I’m carving out time in my schedule to make this happen however, some weeks just get away from me! So I thought I would give you all a tiny update (not an excuse) on what’s happening with me lately.

If I was going to use an excuse, the excuse would be this heat because I’m literally working up a sweat AS. I’M. TYPING. And the AC is on high. It’s felt like 105 here for way to long. Who’s ready for fall (and everything pumpkin)? 🙋

Blessed with Busy

I’ve been SO blessed with the opportunities that have been popping up in my life lately; I’m not using busy as a bad word. I think being busy is totally a good thing – busy work is the bad guy. Also, being busy is helping me learn to balance and manage time like a boss. Here are some of the things keeping my schedule oh so full.

Global Leadership Summit – #GLS16

If you follow me on Twitter; you’ve probably seen my 20+ tweets using #GLS16. The Global Leadership Summit is a 2 day event, broadcast in over 125 different countries to an estimated 300,000+ people. It’s essentially a gathering of amazing leaders and speakers who inspire you to sharpen your own skills as a leader, in order to help develop and encourage the people that surround you. They tell stories of awesome transformation and how God has played His hand in their lives.

Needless to say it was an incredible experience and if you are interested in or are currently leading people in some capacity I highly suggest you check out the following folks. Or if you just want to be inspired and see the amazing work they are doing in this world. 

Melinda Gates
Bishop T.D Jakes
Danielle Strickland
Jossy Chacko
John C. Maxwell

Curio Paper

I’ve recently partnered with No Sidebar through my side business Curio Paper, in order to bring their community a journal that’s handmade with a whole lot of heart. No Sidebar is a wonderful resource if you are interested in the pursuit of happiness through intentionally simplifying. It’s an online community providing inspiration, motivation and the tools necessary to design a simple life. I absolutely love working with them and can’t wait until these journals go on sale!

My fingers have been mighty busy measuring, folding, scouring, cutting, hole punching and binding. Yay books! 

The Curio Company + Client Work

I work with some amazing clients on a day-to-day basis – creating brand experiences for them. I’m currently working on rebuilding, from the ground up, a coffee company’s brand and it’s turning out to be one of my favorites! The brand vision, logo and packaging are complete and the next phase of the process is reimagining and rebuilding their stand at a local farmer’s market. I’m can’t wait to share the final overall brand experience!

I’ve also been busy (with the help of my hubby) planning, preparing, designing and developing The Curio Company’s full portfolio website. This will allow me to finally easily showcase projects to potential clients. I’m building it on WordPress and will be sharing with you some behind the scenes of the features I used to create it. ✨ More details on that soon.

A New Addition to our Family

We moved out to the middle of the wilderness over three months ago and one of the reasons we moved (among many others) was to get a doggie. We finally found, fell in love with and adopted her last Tuesday. Her name is Elle and she’s the happiest little 2 year old German Shepherd mix. We’re pretty sure she’s mixed with some Grey Hound or Whippet because oh my gosh is she ever fast. We’re hoping our wildlife friends (5 deer, 12 turkeys, 4 groundhogs) stay away for awhile. 

Anyway she’s teaching my husband Adam and I responsibility and forcing us to go on mile long hikes (which we are loving). She’s also helping me remember to take breaks throughout the day – one of my struggles. We’re working on calming her anxiety so if you have any great tips for doing so, please let me know! 


With all of that said – I will be back next week with a post on how to make an all natural organic spray that keeps bugs out of your house AND calms your dog. Because I’m a dog owner now. And living an all natural, happy, healthy life is one of my many pursuits.

Happy Monday friends! Let’s make this week awesome.

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