How to Find Inspiration

it's Friday // October 24th, 2014

I want to stay inspired throughout the week… and I’ll admit, this can be rough. The first thing we do when we start feeling a bit lackluster, sometimes the only thing there is to do, is endlessly search the internet for inspiration. The more I find myself doing that, the more I realize this – I need to step away and be inspired by tangible things. Nature, people, cities… cups of delicious coffee! This is for everyone, not just creatives.

As I said yesterday, I believe inspiration is in fact, everywhere. My biggest tip today is for us all to step back, look out our office windows (at the gorgeous fall colors that are here for a fleeting moment) and stop endlessly searching, start consistently finding!

I’ll admit, I love my online inspiration sites. They motivate me and make me want to be a better designer and a lot of times, person…and I will share some of those sites with you in the coming weeks but today — enjoy the changing of the seasons, a good cup of coffee and go outside or travel somewhere new this weekend! I guarantee when Monday comes around you will feel refreshed and excited to start the week. Keep a journal, take lots of photos and reference them next week to feel inspired.

Share you’re offline inspiration with us, we’ll be sharing ours! #simplemondays

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