Good Books, Great things

it's Friday // November 21st, 2014

I just received my copy of 99U’s “Make Your Mark” book in the mail and it’s the perfect reminder that I need to start reading more! Books like this are so great to have on my shelves and more importantly in my hands, reading. I think it’s hard for me, personally, to start and finish a lot of novels because it’s time consuming and my brain literally never shuts off. I’m thinking about the 10,000 other things I could be doing at that present moment! This 99U book, for me, is a way of training myself to read and stay focused on that moment. And to also stay inspired and encouraged to continue on the path that I am! Good books can do great things.

Another great resource by 99U is their blog. I check it daily and find myself motivated after ready just a snippet of their posts. 99U’s mission is to offer creatives the things they didn’t learn in school, and insights on best practices in the industry. It’s an awesome resource!

Happy Friday friends, have a wonderful weekend!

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