Goals over Resolutions

it's Friday // January 9th, 2015

A resolution, more specifically a New Year’s Resolution, is defined as a firm decision to do or not to do something in the upcoming year. A goal is defined as an ambition, or an effort to do something, to achieve a desired result. Can you spot the difference between the resolution and the goal? Be honest, do you ever keep your resolutions? Do they work? Do you even make it to February with them? For me, no… to all of those. I think this year, I finally realized why.

By making resolutions, I’m sort of forcing myself into doing something. Something that I may be stoked about at the beginning, but two months in… I don’t want to be forced anymore. That something I had been excited about, has now become a chore. We may have it in our mind that we are going to change; go to the gym, stop drinking, write everyday, read more, etc. But… when you trick your mind into doing those things (often times by making resolutions), the end is never going to turn out the way you had planned.

We have goals every single day (or we should). What do you want to accomplish today? What do you need to accomplish today? Those are the goals. And it feels damn good, at the end of the day, when you have everything – or even most of the things – checked off your “to do” list! Now, we just need to step back. What do we desire to accomplish this year? Where do we see ourselves at the beginning of 2016? Make a list! Get excited.

Resolutions are too strict, too demanding. They scare us when we fall behind, they don’t encourage us. That’s why we don’t make resolution lists everyday. But goals? Goals are our desires. Our dreams! We want to achieve them, we feel rewarded even when we so much as get started on them.

So now what? Take a look at your 2015 resolutions and translate them into goals. Don’t be strict with yourself and only write the things you desire to achieve. If your going to hate doing something in two months, what’s the point of writing it down and even starting to do it (time waste!)?

Make a to-do list for your yearly goals and put it somewhere you will see it everyday. Be excited, encouraged and inspired. Or! Keep it private and reflect on it internally (typically my route, although I find myself doing a little of both…). The minute you start feeling weighed down and overwhelmed; take a deep breath, rip the list up – literally or metaphorically, and make a new one.

With resolutions, we think about and plan them at the beginning of the year and that’s it —we get one shot. But goals, we can plan and renew every day without consequence.

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