Goal 02 – Early Starts

it's Tuesday // January 20th, 2015

Last week, I started sharing with you my goals for 2015. Goals like, Maintaining Strategic Organization – which I can happily say that this past weekend my husband and I completely organized our studio space AND it feels so good to work without being constantly reminded that there is a ton of crap that still needs to find it’s place. I swear, clutter will not defeat me! This weeks goal, is all about starting things early – even if it’s just by a tiny bit.

I’ve finally reached that point in my life – past the sleeping in and lazily stumbling out of bed only to immediately jump in my clothes and run to where I need to be – where I realize it’s good to wake up early. Mind you, I’m only getting up an hour earlier than I typically would – but as soon as the sun decides to join me in the morning, I will get an even earlier start on my day.

Carrying this mindset, from my working habits to my living habits has begun to strengthen both. Not only has getting up early allowed me to check a couple of things off my to-do list, but has also allowed me to sleep better at night and feel better when I don’t have to run to work because I barely had enough time to put on my shoes in the morning. It’s quite calming to just sit here, drink my coffee and write.

This year I will get an early start on quite literally everything I can. This means days, projects, posts (hopefully), planning, and anything else that it’s possible to do so. It’s definitely a challenge but I have a feeling it will be well worth it!

What are your favorite things to get an early start on?

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