Curating Your Inspiration

it's Friday // October 31st, 2014

Happy Halloween friends! The easiest way for someone who sits at a computer for 8+ hours a day to stay current? Browse the internet! Find new sites that offer relevance to what you enjoy and what keeps you inspired, when you can’t get out there and adventure. Whether it’s news or celebrity gossip, design or fine art — we all have our “go to” sites. Carefully curate them to suit your needs.

These are three of my favorite inspiration spots.

  1. Dribbble // This is a social media site geared specifically towards designers, illustrators, motion artists and others related to those things. Designers who I respect and whose work are hanging on my walls at home I can follow and see what they are working on. The point of dribbble is to share “shots” of projects you are currently working on. They act almost as little teasers! It’s a great resource, even if you are not an active member. It allows you to see the process of some really talented people.
  2. From Up North // This is a great resource, again very design oriented. It’s a curated, blog-like structure that is updated almost every single day with groupings of inspiration. They are typically broken up in typography, motion graphic, web design, user interface, and so on and so forth. If your looking for a specific type of inspiration, it’s a good resource to dig into and explore multiple posts! It’s also a great place to be featured.
  3. Pinterest // That’s right. I said it. It is a giant wormhole but when you narrow your searching, curate your boards and really follow only the things you want (and at times) need to see, it’s a great resource for inspiration. Especially the “Related Pins” section when you click on something you like. But seriously, be careful. It can and will suck you in to pinning endless crafts and recipes that you are sure you’ll make! Some day…

These are just a  few of my favorite resources, and I’ll be sharing more in later posts! What are your favorite online inspiration spots?

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