Closet Cleanup

it's Wednesday // January 21st, 2015

Last week I announced the addition of a new category, We Love DIY. I’m excited to share the most recent project my husband and I finished, our studio closet! Which ultimately allowed us to clean up and organize our entire studio, in just one weekend.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any process shots because of two reasons. One : the before photos of the closet would have been horrifying. I don’t think any lighting or even extensive photoshopping would have made that closet look good. I mean seriously, the wall was peeling off, I’m pretty sure there were booger smears (prior to being our studio, this room belonged to 2 boys under the age of 5). Initially the closet had one of those sliding doors, from the 70s, that are made of plastic and painted to look like wood. Does that paint a decent enough picture?  And Two: The mess that we called a studio was slightly embarrassing.

As soon as we moved in, we knew we wanted AND needed to do something with this space. And finally, almost a year later we completed that task. We threw around the idea of building one of these trendy little reading nooks, but a futon took place of that. So what did we do? We added some simple handmade shelves and called it a day!

First, we painted over the nasty walls with a dark gray – our floor is light gray and our walls are a warm cream color. The dark gray in the closet made the space appear to be 3 times as big as it actually is, and we will be soon painting all of our closets, and part of our kitchen that color! I have a slight obsession with gray. Next we bought 3 wooden boards, that already came cut to the size we needed (they were actually an inch short but that was quite alright), we picked up gray shelving brackets – which are $1.59 a piece, and we were on our merry way! In total the project cost us about $50 and roughly 5 hours of our time. I gave the 3 boards one coat of white paint – which gives them a nice white washed feel. We screwed in their designated brackets and then fastened them to the wall roughly 15 inches (vertically) apart. And voila! A brand new closet :)

I’m sharing this DIY because it was a long time coming for us and it has opened my eyes to how much work I can get done now that one simple task is off our list, and now because of that our studio is clean and for the most part, organized! Like I have said previously, it’s a wonderful feeling. A clean closet really does make for a clear head.

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