Acting Kindly

it's Tuesday // February 16th, 2016

I’m an avid believer of acting kindly towards others. And honestly, there are days when I wish people were more kind! Do you ever feel that way?

On my worst days, the thing that pulls me out of the slums and back to my feet are the small everyday acts of kindness from my husband, my family, my friends and even complete strangers. Many people don’t have the leisure of being surrounded by those who care and who can bring a smile to their face, and it breaks my heart.

I feel like the downfall of kindness is a consequence of the normal hustle and bustle that we experience on a daily basis. On most days, it seems like everyone is in a rush – and I believe this hurried nature can shut out any glimpse of kindness. There’s always somewhere to be, something better to see, some social media notification to check. There are times when I find myself acting in the same manner and I absolutely hate it!

I’m striving and making it a goal to be kind to everyone that crosses my path – whether it be the stranger on the street, the person ringing me out at the grocery, or the person on the highway who refuses to use their turn signals. Let’s be honest for a minute, people can be ignorant and downright mean at times. It’s hard not to get angry and upset. Who’s with me?

With that being said, I need to remind myself that we are ALL on the same level. We were all created equal in a beautiful, grace filled image – and we deserve to be treated and treat each other so. Anyone I come across has been through some struggle in their life and maybe, just maybe – my tiny act of kindness towards them could create a glimpse of light that they hadn’t seen previously.

I look at my life and realize this could all be gone in the blink of an eye – I’m saying that in the most positive way. This alone makes me want to act more kindly, love more deeply and forget about past situations in which I found myself not living this way. Life is about growing, moving forward and this life is SO worth living.

I’ve always had this urge to help others and I believe it can start by simply acting kindly. What does that even look like? It’s as simple as a friendly smile to a stranger, a compliment, a “Hello, how are you?”. It’s listening to, caring for, and embracing loved ones. It’s not passing judgement on others, it’s swallowing pride and it’s being the bigger person.

Will you join me? What are some ways you act kindly?

I created a small, simple kindness initiative through The Simple Cup where I’m mailing out handwritten customizable postcards for free – similar to last year’s. It’s my little contribution to encouraging kind acts! Visit for more details and to join me in acting kindly.

This post and initiative was inspired by Random Act of Kindness week!

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