Ash Schweitzer

Hi, I’m Ashley.

I quit my day-job two years ago in order to pursue my creative passions. This blog is my way of sharing with you my own creative adventure and experiences in the hopes of inspiring and encouraging you to embark on a similar journey. I’m sharing insights from my life as a creative entrepreneur, small business(s) owner, wife, healthy living enthusiast, adventurer, etc.

I hope I can help to inspire you to follow your dreams and do exactly what you love every single day – just as I am.


I run a tiny independent design studio called The Curio Company where, with the help of my husband, I build unique brand experiences for passionate small businesses. I also run a small scale paper goods shop called Curio Paper, which allows me to create things with my hands – one of my many passions. And after hours I run a small business called The Simple Cup, which I founded as a way to creatively give back.

Life & Wellness

I’m on the pursuit of healthy living and will be sharing some lifestyle / wellness tips with you along the way. This means anything from healthy recipes, to workout routines – which all play a big part in the day-to-day. You have to take care of yourself first before you can successfully do anything.

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 Strangely in love with eating breakfast lately... and to think I survived college by "eating" 2+ cups of coffee for breakfast every single morning.  #adultlife
 Just wanted to stop for a minute and talk about the importance of a healthy habit.  • I got out of my morning yoga routine about a month ago because I thought sleeping in would be more beneficial / I was just being lazy. • I've been beating myself up ever since. Feeling disappointed in myself (and totally stiff) halfway through the days I wasn't going to the gym and feeling mentally drained due to stress. • My morning routine helps me stay grounded. It gives me a couple minutes (even if it's only 10) to reconnect with myself, check in mentally and thank God for the crazy amount of blessings He's gifted me. • Find what helps you live the best possible life, and do it every day.  For me it's ten minutes of quiet yoga + reflection every morning. • AND THEN all of the cups of coffee
 My first attempt at a smoothie bowl breakfast. The smoothie base was a little too runny, not so easy to eat with a spoon. But! It tasted delicious and was packed full of yummy healthy stuff like strawberries, whey protein, chia seeds, coconut flakes and almonds. Tomorrow I will add less orange juice and it'll be perfect.