6 Online Services I Use to Run and Grow My Businesses

it's Monday // October 24th, 2016

It can be extremely difficult finding the online services that are going to help you grow your business – when there are so many out there! Who should I use to invoice clients and customers? What online printer am I getting the most for with the price I’m paying? Why is shipping so expensive on literally everything!? And so on and so on. You can start by a process of elimination – trying service after service until one finally clicks with what you had in mind. It’s time consuming. I’ve been there and done that. Here are some of my favorite online services, so hopefully you won’t have to keep searching!

These online services have been helping me run my business(es) smoothly since the beginning. Now that I have a few trusty resources, I don’t have to continue endlessly searching to find better prices or better quality! I’m happy with what I’ve found, how things are going and I’m able to streamline the logistical details like contracts or invoices and get back to doing what I love to do – designing + making things.

1. UPrinting

UPrinting is my typical online go-to printing service. Especially for my own business needs. Their quality is great, you can create completely custom sizes and the price is extremely reasonable.

I use Uprinting when I need things like postcards, product labels, brochures, custom size printed items or fun little pieces to put in with Curio Paper orders. UPrinting has a wide array of product offerings, which makes it a great one-stop shop for all your printing needs.

If you are unfamiliar with paper weights or printing techniques and are interested in ordering from UPrinting, I would highly suggest ordering some samples from them. It’s free to do so!

2. MOO

MOO is where I go when I want a little bit higher-end of a feel for printed stuff. My own business cards are printed using MOO’s new raised spot gloss printing technique (the CO circle mark is super shiny and fun to feel).

Curio Co. Cards

This is where I typically send my clients to have their business cards printed because it’s a less expensive alternative to local letterpress printers – yet still features that awesome and unique quality every business card should have. ✨

If you are unfamiliar with paper weights or printing techniques and are interested in ordering from MOO, I would highly suggest ordering a sample pack. It’s free!

3. Lumi

Lumi specializes in packaging solutions, and beautiful ones at that. I just recently discover them and I can’t wait to try out more of their products.

I struggled to find reasonably priced blank boxes that would properly fit the journals I make – and that would get them safely to my customers. Lumi offered just the size and quality I needed and at only $0.30 / box. They offer a very wide range of custom sizes.

You can also add a your own branding + designs to the packaging! I plan on doing this in the future as a small way to brighten my customers day. I love seeing branded boxes in my mail – it’s like getting a present.

4. Square

I use Square for online client invoicing and on-the-go selling. Square’s interface is beautifully designed and super easy to use. The invoicing side makes it easy to send my clients reminders or enroll them in auto-pay. And the Square credit card reader makes it extremely easy and affordable to take payments in an instant at places like craft fairs. All I have to do is plug it into my phone and swipe customer’s credit cards.

It requires some upfront set up, like creating an account and inputting your products with their pricing, but it’s totally worth it for streamlined credit card processing. With any credit card processing, there is a transaction fee. However, zero monthly fees.

Also check out their blog, Town Square, for advice on running and growing your business!

5. Bonsai

Bonsai is legally binding creative contracts made totally easy. I now use Bonsai for all of my Curio Co. client contracts. The contracts are customizable and have been vetted by top lawyers to ensure credibility. Clients can e-sign, streamlining my process even more. And sending contracts is totally free – no monthly fees, yay!

6. Amazon Prime

I am a devoted Amazon Prime member. I absolutely love it, and definitely recommend it if you run a small business. I’ve saved so much money taking advantage of the FREE two day shipping. It’s free. AND I get my order in just two days. Need I say more?

Totally worth the $99 / year investment. Go ahead, sign up now.

Those are six of my favorite and most helpful online services that I use on a weekly basis in order to smoothly run my businesses.

What resources do you love and use all the time?

Please note that I am not being paid for this post nor is it sponsored by any of these companies – I am simply writing my own opinions.

Happy Monday friends, let’s make this week great!

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