3 Ways I Stay Motivated to Pursue My “Big-Picture” Goals

it's Monday // October 10th, 2016

Staying motivated can be tough. Especially when it feels like every step you take forward – you’re actually taking ten back. For me, the busier I get the less focused I am on my big-picture goals and the less motivated I am to pursue them. I get caught up in the day-to-day, checking my calendar every hour just to be sure I’m not missing something. I spend 10 long hours staring at my computer one day and then find myself binge watching season three of The Blacklist the next (James Spader for the win!). My normal ebb and flow gets knocked out of balance and I’m left feeling un-motivated.

I hate that feeling. I want to be excited and energized when I start thinking about my dream projects and those big-picture goals I long to achieve. But how do we get back on track when we’re feeling un-motivated?

There are three things I consistently do, on a daily basis, that help me avoid feeling like an un-motivated mess. And typically, when I start feeling stuck in the mundane day-to-day tasks – it’s because I’m not doing these three things.

1. Dreaming, planning and list-making.

The big-picture goals I’m talking about are what make up the dream. My dreams of running a successful design studio with my husband at my side, operating a brick + mortar shop that creatively gives back to it’s community, and making things with my hands for a living. You know, those intense dreams that drive you to get out of bed every morning. We all have them and if you don’t, I suggest you find some.

Don’t just leave those dreams swirling around in your head. Write them down! Once you have a physical representation of the dream, you can start to break it down into bite size goals that will leave you on the path to successfully making that dream a reality. Sure, it will take time. But we all gotta at least start somewhere. Why not start with pen on paper?

Your dreams turn into reality when you find the courage to write them down – and begin to wildly pursue them.

2. Making the time to exercise.

Energy is the driving force behind motivation. If you’re feeling lethargic, sad, sleepy or grumpy – it’s probably because you either didn’t get enough sleep last night or something is going on with your health.

I’ve been on a little bit of a fitness kick for a while now and when I slip up for a week, it hurts. Something just feels off. I wake up sore, I’m unhappy with how I look, and my body begins to ache. Oh, and I’m drained of energy which means I have zero motivation. During that magically rare thing called downtime, I’d rather shut my brain off and watch Netflix than do a couple push-ups.

Making the time to exercise is the easy part, actually taking the time to exercise is the hard part.

This is just unacceptable. Exercise is SO important – especially if you’re sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day. You’re doing just that. Sitting at a desk. All day. GUH.

3. Disconnect, take a drive and treat yourself.

Stop mindlessly working and actually disconnect. Turn off the Twitter, put down the devices and take an actual break.

It’s exhausting to constantly be thinking about how your going to share every moment on social media because if you don’t your business will not succeed. Read that out loud and tell me you don’t sound crazy? The constant post, post, post mentality is ridiculous. It’s motivationally draining and taking your mind from the things you should be focused on and putting your mind on false fame.

I need to remind myself to disconnect.

I stop overthinking every photo I take because I need to be able to share it with my Instagram followers. I shut off my computer, I get in my car and I just drive somewhere. Usually I end up at the Target up the street… 💁

I grab a cup of green tea from the Target Starbucks (how conveniently placed) and I treat myself to a little something. I’m not one of the ladies that need to shop in order to feel good – but every now and then treating myself to something I’ve had my eyes on for months, just helps. I think it’s more of the, “Hey I work my ass off, I deserve to spend a little money on myself instead of giving the government and crap corporations all of my money each month.”


When I disconnect, my brain has a moment to reset. It helps me refocus on the goals at hand. It eases the stress of the emails that need to be answered, the deadlines that need to be met and the big picture goals that need to get rolling.

What are your big picture goals? Are you on track and remaining motivated to pursue them? What ways are you making this happen?

Happy Monday friends! Let’s make this week… motivating!


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