3 Benefits to Just Starting Out with Your Business

it's Monday // August 29th, 2016

Although I’ve been running my businesses for around 2 years now, they are still totally in their infancy. As much as I want to see myself as an established, “I know exactly what I’m doing”, successful business lady… the fact of the matter is – I’m just starting out. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

When your business doesn’t have deep deep roots just yet and you’re just starting out, there’s so much room for the following things…


Your sales, social media following, email list, etc. may be looking super slim as of right now, but guess what? That means there is SO much room for growth. And that growth should excite you.

Not only growth within your business (sales, etc.) but personal growth as well. If you’re a solo-prenuer 🙋 then you’re probably teaching yourself along the way. I sure am. And every single time I fail within one of my businesses – I grow within my experience and knowledge.

Don’t obsess over the numbers. Just because you aren’t where you want to be right now – doesn’t mean you can’t get there.

Change / Adaptation

Because you’re just starting out and your brand following is small, that means you can change and adapt as necessary. It’s so much harder for established brands like Target to do this because of their mega customer base. Imagine if Target changed their color palette tomorrow? Yeah, it’s a big deal. Me? If I changed this entire blog experience (colors, logo, everything) tomorrow, I highly doubt any one of my 40ish readers would care. They may just get a little annoyed.

If you aren’t seeing the growth you want, then you need to change something or your business / idea will fail. It’s as simple as that.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Who is my ideal customer and does my logo, website, product, etc. relate with them properly?
  2. What problem am I trying to solve for my ideal customer?
  3. Do I love my logo, website, product, etc. and can people see my passion shining through it or am I just trying to make money? Note: The later is not the better.

I know it’s not easy to make changes to something you love, but if it’s simply not working – find the issue and fix the issue. Ask others to let you know what they think of your current logo, website, product, etc. Come up with a solution based on their opinions and please tell them to be critical. It’s for your own good, I promise.

If your small following doesn’t like a change you’ve made, but it’s for the better… keep in mind that loosing a few customers to gain many is totally worth it.


When you’re just starting out, it’s much easier to see the faults in your business and accept them for what they are. You’re still learning and you’re still OPEN to learning. Making change comes easier.

Many CEO’s of established companies and even small businesses get stuck in their ways and may think everyone else is the problem. They hire outside help to fix the issue – but aren’t willing to fix themselves and their own role within the company. This leads to dangerous behavior and lack of respect within the company – and eventually the business will fail, or all of the employees or customers will leave.

When you accept the situation your business is in, that is when you can begin to create change and grow.

Don’t think I’m sitting here telling you my businesses are perfect and I have it all figured out. I’m speaking from experience AS I’m going through this. The Simple Cup (my side “give-back” business) has shown a lot of decline in both sales and customer engagement. Not only that, but creating sustainable and respectful partnerships within the business has proven to be extremely difficult. I’ve accepted the situation and now I’m figuring out what to change in order to see growth again.

Growth takes time. Your business isn’t going to become a viral sensation over night… and if it does – go you! Enjoy some champagne for me. I’ll be over here busting my ass in order to make a living that I love. ✨

Happy Monday friends, let’s make this week awesome!


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